(July 19) Today we're observing . . .  Isra Al Mi’Raj (Ascent of the Prophet Muhammad)

Isra Al Mi’Raj (Ascent of the Prophet Muhammad – Islamic)*
Commemorating the Prophet Muhammad’s journey to Jerusalem and his ascent into heaven where he prayed together with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

“The rock in the center of the dome (The Dome of the Rock) is the spot from which, according to Islamic tradition, Muhammad ascended for a night-long journey to Heaven in AD 621, accompanied by the angel Gabriel. There he met many prophets like Abraham and Moses and was given the (now obligatory) Islamic prayers before returning to Earth…A Qur’anic verse says that Muhammad took an instantaneous night journey on Buraq from al-Masjid al-Haram (“the sacred mosque”, interpreted as being in Mecca) to al-Masjid al-Aqsa (“the farthest mosque”, interpreted as being in Jerusalem).”**

**Photo credit & quote source: Jerusalem – The Dome of the Rock at Night via flickr

*US date. Date may vary depending on where one lives in the world.

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