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Did You Know? Countdown to Halloween 2009 (10/20)

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009


Did You Know?
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About Halloween

Oct 20 : 11 days till Halloween

Did you know that the origins of “Trick’O’Treating” can be traced back to early celebrations of All Souls’ Day in Britain?

The poor would go from door-to-door, begging for so-called “soul cakes”. Over time, the custom changed and children became the beggars, receiving apples, sweet buns and money. The tradition migrated over the Atlantic Ocean and quickly became entrenched in American celebrations of Halloween.

The holiday of Halloween dates back to the Dark Ages. Once truly spooky traditions have morphed over the years into much more light-hearted (but still mischievous) celebrations. Here is a fun look at some of the facts and folklore that describe how All Hallows Eve came to be celebrated as Halloween. Join us for a new Did You Know? each day as we count down to Halloween.

Halloween will be celebrated on Saturday October 31st.

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(October 20) Today we're celebrating . . .  Birth of the Bab

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Birth of the Bab(Baha’i)
This Baha’i holiday celebrates the birth of the faith’s prophet-herald, Siyyid Ali Muhammad, who later came to be known as the Bab. On this holiday, the Baha’i do not work.

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