Yahoo’s Halloween "Omage" to Michael Jackson’s Thriller


Not to be outdone by Google’s Halloween logo, Yahoo joins the fun with an animated¬†“omage” to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Featuring flying bats that “poof” into Thriller dancing Halloween icons – Werewolf, Witch, Dracula, Mummy, and of course Frankie!

3 Responses to “Yahoo’s Halloween "Omage" to Michael Jackson’s Thriller”

  1. Maryanna Flinn Says:

    I miss MJ very much.. Still can’t beleive he’s gone.. :(

  2. Dell Becherer Says:

    May the Lord bless The King. Mr Jackson’s death is a result of all the emotional torture he had to endure during all the accusations made against him. He didn’t lose in the the courts, however his health severely declined. So can anyone say his death was a single doctor’s fault, or was it the eagerness with which our society judges before trial? This is the case particularly with the rich and/or the famous.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Poor Michael Jackson !. You shall be not forgotten 4ever. A real king of pop.

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