(November 16) Today we're celebrating . . .  International Day for Tolerance

International Day for Tolerance

NO 2 H8! YES 2 = 4 ALL!

Today it is important to bring attention to the idea of acceptance and tolerance in the world. Sponsored by the United Nations.

Tolerance.Org – Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance

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4 Responses to “(November 16) Today we're celebrating . . .  International Day for Tolerance”

  1. Awareness Dates Blogger Says:

    I totally support this day…it would be nice to have tolerance all year round, of course.

  2. Acceptance, Not Tolerance Says:

    I am not in support of this day. “Tolerance” is teaching the wrong idea… While I am grateful that the movement is out there, “tolerance” is nothing more than promoting that the world acknowledges an idea that cannot be understood or liked. “Acceptance” is the word we should be supporting here. We tolerate noise, and bugs on a picnic, and light and sound when we have headaches, and stupidity in the world, etc. I’m sorry, but I do not feel we should celebrate Tolerance as a national day… We should accept people for who we all are – just as I accept that whoever declared this International Day for Tolerance is completely ignorant.

  3. louiev Says:

    FYI – The United Nations is the sponsor of this holiday –

    From our Daily Holiday site –

    This United Nations holiday commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance in 1995 by UNESCO member states.

  4. ronmossad Says:

    Can tolerance breeds intolerance? How can this be?

    Historically, the indecent minority has only been able to succeed due to the indifference of the decent majority. Understanding other cultures and peoples is a wonderful approach to life, but enabling intolerant cultures (that seek to restrict our own freedoms) is where we must draw the line.

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