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Dec 15 : 10 days till Christmas

Did you know that the word Advent comes from the Latin term “adventur”, meaning arrival?

The Advent Calendar begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and counts down the 25 days until the holiday’s arrival. The tradition of counting down the days until Christmas began in the early 19th century in Holland, where families marked a chalk line on their front door each day before Christmas Eve.

BTW – Have you checked out our 2009 Advent Calendar? A new holiday video each day!

Christmas is the Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, and is a central part of the winter holiday season. In Christianity the holiday marks the beginning of the larger season of Christmastide, which lasts twelve days. And although traditionally a Christian holiday, Christmas is widely celebrated worldwide by many non-Christians.

Popular holiday customs include the playing of seasonal music, gift-giving, the exchange of greeting cards, observing special church celebrations and masses. The display of holiday decorations are common; including Christmas trees, indoor and outdoor lights, garlands, mistletoe, and nativity scenes.

Santa Claus, a popular mythological figure, is also an important part of the celebration and is associated with the bringing of gifts for children.

Join us for a new Did You Know holiday fact each day as we countdown to Christmas. This year Christmas Eve will be celebrated Thursday December 24, Christmas Friday December 25.

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  1. Charissa Cowart Says:

    Wow… I didn’t know about the word “advent” – I guess that makes sense though with it meaning “arrival”.

    I went out to get a nice advent calendar this year and they were sold out :-/ Maybe I can find one on the after Christmas sale ;)

    Thanks for the great posts!

  2. Santa Says:

    Hi mate, nice blog Happy Holidays!

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