And a Google Holidays to You All


Looks like Google is planning a week of holiday logos in honor of Christmas. Referred to as “Google doodles”, the holiday logos have been a long time highlight of web holiday celebrations.  But usually they were one-off things – appearing on the day of the holiday. But recently Google started a new tradition by running a series of Sesame Street related logos as a week long countdown to Sesame Streets 40th anniversary back in November.And now it looks like we’ll be getting another week of holiday “Google doodle” gifties as Christmas approaches.

Today’s logo features a holiday postcard. Clicking on the logo brings you to a page showing logo #1 and “Happy Holidays” in numerous languages and hinting that logo #2 is still to come.

In the meantime Yahoo has had a series of holiday related logos already running at least since last week. Today their logo features a skating reindeer.

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