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Did You Know? Countdown to Father's Day (06/09)

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010


Did You Know?
Facts, Figures & Folklore
About Father’s Day & Fatherhood

June 09 : 11 days till Father’s Day

Did you know that the concept of Father’s Day was first proposed in 1909 by Washingtonian native Mrs. John B. Dodd?

Her inspiration for the holiday was to honor her own father, William Smart, a Civil War veteran and single dad, widowed when his wife died in childbirth with their sixth child.

Father’s Day is a day of commemoration and celebration of Dad. It is a day to not only honor your father, but all men who have acted as a father figure in your life – whether as Stepfathers, Uncles, Grandfathers, or “Big Brothers.” So join our Father’s Day festivities as we present a new “Did You Know?” fact each day as we countdown to Father’s Day on Sunday June 20th!

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Countdown to Father's Day: Top TV Dads

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

dad-countdown09As we count down to Father’s Day (06/20) – here’s our look at some of TV’s favorite fathers: From the 1950s cardigan-wearing, “Father Knows Best” types to the 21st century guys juggling dysfunctional families and questionable careers.

So lets begin our look at TV dads by going back to those black and white happy days of the 1950’s & 60’s.

TV’s Top Dads (in chronological order)

Ward Cleaver (1950’s/60’s)

Played by Hugh Beaumont, Ward Cleaver was the model of fatherly patience on the hit sitcom Leave It To Beaver (1957-1963). No matter what calamity son Beaver embroiled himself in – and there were some doozies, Ward was always ready with an encouraging word and some life wisdom.

Check back each day for another TV dad (or you can cheat and check out all our TV dads here).

(June 09) This Week we're celebrating . . .  National Automotive Service Professionals Week

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

National Automotive Service Professionals Week
Help shine a positive light on the contribution of mechanics, who keep our cars road-ready and safe.

And on a personal note: Having a family member who is a mechanic is a good as having a doctor in the family! :)

photo credit: The Library of Congress

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