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Did You Know? Countdown to Thanksgiving (11/14)

Sunday, November 14th, 2010


Did You Know?
Facts, Figures &
Folklore about the Pilgrims
& America’s Thanksgiving

Nov 14 : 11 days till Thanksgiving

Did you know that the first thanksgiving celebration was held in the fall of 1621 by the proclamation of Pilgrim Governor William Bradford?

He invited the neighboring Native Americans to join with the colonists in the three-day celebration, which featured games, races, bow and arrow competitions, and of course feasting of the bounty of the fall harvest.

Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, a time for family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons. We are delighted to invite you to partake in our Thanksgiving celebration. Our table is full this year, but we always have room for one more! So join us for a new Did You Know? each day as we count down to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Thursday November 25th.

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(November 14) Today we’re celebrating . . .  World Diabetes Day

Sunday, November 14th, 2010


World Diabetes Day
November is National Diabetes Month and this United Nations sponsored holiday aims to raise awareness worldwide about the growing epidemic of diabetes.

More info: World Diabetes Day

White House Releases Presidential Proclamation For National Diabetes Month

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

The White House has released the Presidential Proclamation for National Diabetes Month

National Diabetes Month, 2010
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America


NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 2010 as National Diabetes Month. I call upon all Americans, school systems, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, health care providers, and research institutions to join in activities that raise diabetes awareness and help prevent, treat, and manage the disease.

Full Text of Presidential Proclamation: National Diabetes Month

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