(December 07) Today we’re observing . . .  Pearl Harbor Day

Pearl Harbor Day
By Presidential Proclamation, today we honor and remember those who were killed when the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by the Japanese Air Force on December 07th, 1941. Before September 11th 2001, this was the first and only only attack on US soil.

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  1. Sean Mc Says:

    There have been numerous attacks on US soil besides Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Most notably during the war of 1812 when the British burned down the White House. http://americanhistory.about.com/od/warof1812/a/war-of-1812-timeline.htm
    Less notably, but quite impressively, the Japanese attached bombs to ballons and sent them across the Pacific Ocean during WWII. A few hundred of them made it across. http://www.wired.com/thisdayintech/2010/05/0505japanese-balloon-kills-oregon/

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