Did You Know? Countdown to Ramadan (07/29)


Did You Know?
Facts, Figures & Folklore
About Ramadan &
the Islamic Faith

July 29 : 03 days to Ramadan*

Did you know that the terms Sunni and Shiite refer to two different sects within the Islamic faith?

Their primary difference is founded on their differing opinions about religious succession. Sunni believe leaders must be appointed by consensus, while Shiite see succession as a function on one’s relationship to Muhammad’s original successors, or caliphs.

Observed by more than one billion Muslims around the world, the month of Ramadan is a time for spiritual purification achieved through fasting, self-sacrifice and prayers. We’ll be presenting a new “Did You Know?” fact each day as we countdown to Ramadan!*

*Please Note: According to Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) the first day of fasting in North America would be Monday, August 1, 2011. Elsewhere depends where you live.

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