(August 04) Today we’re celebrating . . .  National Underwear Day

National Underwear Day
Its bloomers. And boxers. And wifebeaters. Oh my!!

From Marlon Brando rending his undershirt in Streetcar, to the sexual revolution, to Helmut Newton’s lingerie-clad vamps, underwear has come a long way from being coyly referred to as “unmentionables” in American culture. A watershed event was the unveiling of Calvin Klein’s giant underwear billboard ads in Times Square in the Eighties – a statement of unflinching exposure that almost single-handedly transformed the public’s perception of underwear from ‘necessary undergarment’ to a brazen gesture of style and freedom…*

So join the fun and drop those drawers, take off those tank tops, and show the world your undies!**

(This is video is from 2007, but its just as fun now)

** Please, please heed your momma’s warning and remember: don’t leave the house without clean underwear! Especially today.

* National Underwear Day
photo credit: via flickr

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