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White House releases video of President’s remarks @ White House Iftar dinner (Ramadan 2011)

Friday, August 12th, 2011

The White House releases video of President Obama’s greetings at the White House Iftar dinner (Ramadan 2011).

Continuing a tradition at the White House, …President Obama hosted his third Iftar dinner to celebrate Ramadan. The Iftar is the meal that breaks the day of fasting, when Muslim families and communities eat together after sunset. The President was joined in the State Dining Room by two Muslim American members of Congress, Keith Ellison and Andre Carson, members of the diplomatic corps, and Muslim American families and service members. During his remarks the President wished a blessed Ramadan to Muslim Americans and Muslims around the world:

“To the millions of Muslim Americans across the United States and more — the more than one billion Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a time of reflection and a time of devotion. It’s an occasion to join with family and friends in celebration of a faith known for its diversity and a commitment to justice and the dignity of all human beings. So to you and your families, Ramadan Kareem.”

Complete transcript of President’s remarks at White House blog

(August 12) Today we’re celebrating . . .  Vinyl Record Day

Friday, August 12th, 2011


Vinyl Record Day
Remember when the hits were hot and the stax was wax? You do? Damn you’re old! (Too!)

Long before there were MP3s, iPods, CDs, cassettes, and even 8-tracks (!) there were vinyl records. Who can forget the days when you could go to an actual “record” store and fondle the latest albums while enjoying their beautiful album covers?

Well those days are long gone now. Sigh!

For some fun head on over to the Vinyl Record Generator and make your own record label.

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